1. Nonohana, Yakeyamasou
  2. Renewal information

Renewal information

  • Introducing a Translation Machine-October 2018

    Even if you do not have foreign language specialists, you can respond.

    So far, I have been offering services in English and Chinese.
    Although I was working on translation software on mobile phones and tablet devices, there were also translations that were not accurate for sightseeing and detailed guidance.

    This pocket talk is accurate and fast.

    Foreigners can introduce their friends and are well received by foreigners.

  • Credit card, d payment, LinePay, etc. are available, January 2019

    In addition to credit card payment, d payment, LINEPay, WeChatPayment and Alipay are available.
    Unfortunately, Amex, DC, etc. are not supported in part.

    It is possible to stay at a discount price if it is a reservation from the homepage.
    It is popular because it is cheaper than the reservation site.

    Please use it.
  • Duvet of guest room was renewed,-July 2018

    I've renewed the comforter.

    In the past few years, even in Oirase, there have been many days that require cooling in summer, and I have made the summer quilt thinner.
    And I made new one for summer and adjusted it to be a comfortable sleep regardless of the season.

    Compared to the past, the length is longer and we also handle tall customers.

  • The hall and the hall have become chairs,-April 2019

    Until now, there were a lot of meals in table style,
    Requests for chairs and tables have increased, and you can now eat in your own room.

    This place is by the Oirase Stream, and fresh green leaves and autumn leaves are very beautiful, but Yamazakura is a very wonderful place. It was a venue inspired by Sakura, so that customers could enjoy such scenery.

    As a result of this renewal, we will be in the chair seat except room food.
    You can eat without breaking your knees, so please enjoy yourself.