Hot Springs

  • Hot Springs

    Sarukura Onsen is 100% with sinking water from the Sarukura Onsen.The characteristic of this hot spring is a hot spring with a high content of sulfur and calcium (lime) and soft stimulation to the skin.Temperature adjustment is not water addition, but it is done with the amount of hot water.
    Of course in cold winter, you can relax from the body core when entering hot hot spring even in hot summer.The temperature changes with the day.
    Hot spring qualities
    Simple fountain
    Efficacy / neuralgia, rheumatism, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, hemorrhoid, sore throat, bronchial etc.

    ●You can enjoy 4 baths in one day●

    The Aomori Hiba style indoor bath Bath and the Outdoor Bath Ishirobasu, where you can enjoy 4 baths in one day, will exchange gender in time.To accommodate guests, we change baths at 15:00 and 20:00 so that we can have two outdoor baths.

    ●Fountain quality details●

    Fountain quality is soft colorless transparent water of simple fountain.
    Efficacy is neuralgia, rheumatism, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, hemorrhoid, sore throat, bronchial etc.In the bathroom steam of the hot spring like a mist sauna, prompt sweating, smoothing the skin.
  • Large Communal Bath

    ●Warmth and gentleness of wood●

    Aomori Hiba style indoor bath can experience the warmth and Aomori Hiba style indoor bath of a tree.
    With the relaxing effect of sticky and sterilizing effect, refreshingly, with the light overflowing from the outside, leisurely.
  • Open Air Bath

    ●Listen to the four seasons of Aomori●

    Two outdoor baths are stone baths of different types.
    You can feel cherry blossoms and camellia in May, mountain cherry trees and fresh green in June, the summer starry sky, the winter snowmind, and the four seasons of Aomori.We are setting a fence so that you can take a bath in the spring wind and the winter snowstorm, so please come with a sense of security.
    Please, relax your daily fatigue at the fresh spring hot spring.

  • Bathing with a baby

    I prepared a high & low chair bed and a baby bathtub so that I can take a bath with a baby.For elderly people who are not good at bath chairs, we installed a handrail in a safe seat for nursing care and a bathtub.Please come by your family.
  • One-day hot springs

    We are waiting for use on a day trip.
    There is also a day-trip plan single-day hot springs as well as private room breaks and meals.

    Hot spring bath hours
    13: 30-19: 00(Required phone)
    ※There are times when you are cleaning even in time, so please check by telephone.
    ※When there are a lot of reservations for accommodation and day trips · If you are congested, we may refuse.
    ※Private room use · Meals are not included.

    ·The bathroom has a male and female shift system.It will be done at 3 PM and around 8 PM.
    ·We are selling 6,000 yen bathing tickets with 11 pieces
    ·Shampoo, rinse and body soap are available in the bathroom.Bath towel rental and towels are also available (charged).
    Usage fee
    Adult 600 yen, 300 yen/child
  • The passion of hot springs

    Passion ① It is a sprinkling hot spring from the source.
    Passion ② There is no water addition / warming.
    Passion ③ I want to have the hot water as it is, so high concentration chlorine treatment · circulation of hot springs is not done.Passion ④ The reason is in the daily cleaning.Day-use hot springs are available from 13:30.There are many people who think that it is inconvenient, but we take care of polite cleaning over time.
    Passion ⑤ We conduct inspections such as Legionella bacteria and make it a safe and secure hot spring.
    Passion ⑥ We give guidance on bathing with priority to guests of accommodation.There are a lot of customers who use day trips so that the baths are not going to be fine.
    Passion ⑦ Enriching amenity for ladies.
  • About bathing arrival

    ●What is bathing arrival (bus time cover)●

    Do you know "bathing clothes (bath time cover)" worn by people with bruises in their bodies when taking a bath by breast cancer surgery?
    It is about bathing underwear made with consideration for sanitation.
    If you are wearing a bathing suit, I do not care about the eyes, I enjoy relaxing hot springs and I hope that people around you will understand with warm feelings.

    ·You can take a bath in the hotel by wearing a bathing suit.
    ·We also sell bathing clothes.(ML size 3,780 yen)

Hot Springs

Oirase Keiryu Onsen (100% natural hot spring)※It does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Available for private use)

Private Bath


Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Bath Terms of Use

You can rent outdoor bath on week days only.
Up to 4 pairs per day, we will accept reservations at check-in.
You can use it for 1,200 yen for 40 minutes.

One-day hot springs, 13: 30-19: 00(Required phone)

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen (child free (0 years old to 12 years old)) separately.