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Frequently Asked Questions

  • JR Bus timetable

    JR Bus timetable.
    The nearest bus stop is "Oirase Keiryu Onsen".
    There is also a bus stop with a similar name called Oirase Keiryu Onsen entContinue reading
  • The nearest bus stop is "Oirase Keiryu Onsen bus stop"

    Today is a very nice day.
    Hojiro came to visit the garden (● ^ o ^ ●)

    One of the most common inquiries is about the nearest bus stoContinue reading
  • The day we can still make a private outdoor bath only during weekdays

    The heat has also paragraph.

    Recently, more people who are worried after surgery and more bathing that requires assistance are on the increContinue reading
  • ○···Children can be used from the age of 0

    Children's goods are also available!
    ·From around 3 years old···Yukata &Chanchanko (japanese-style vest)
    ·We are preparing toys and pictureContinue reading
  • The difference between the new building and the main building is ...

    ■Main Building
    ·Total Aomori Hiba (made from the finest Shimokita production) made to Shoji's bar
    ·Shower type toilet·With washroom
    ·We prepContinue reading
  • ×·Pet entering is not getting excited

    We are sorry, we will refuse entry / bathing of pets.

    I think that it is a member of an important family, please please.
  • ×·Restaurant · Bar · Karaoke Box

    The place to eat depends on your plan,
    We will prepare in the room or the hall and there is no restaurant.

    There is no bar or karaoke box iContinue reading
  • ○···Parking lot is free

    The hotel's parking lot is just in front of the entrance.

    You can use it for free, so please be relieved.

    Reservation is also unnecessary.Continue reading
  • ○···Pick up service from 3 people in Towada city

    We are Towada from Towada city ​​in winter.
    ·From November until mid-April
    ·Guests staying from 3 people can use from 4 people who enjoy a dContinue reading
  • ○···We can accommodate gifts for parents etc.

    I'd like to give a present to my family etc! We will make it possible for you to transfer in advance.
    It is easy if you have decided the priContinue reading
  • ○···Hot springs can take a bath for 24 hours

    You can take a bath at any time in the middle of the night, early in the morning.
    The service hours are from 3 PM until 9 AM.

    *There is a cContinue reading
  • About the fresh green & cherry blossom viewing of Oirase Stream

    Thank you very much for your reservation of Golden Week April and May.

    About the fresh green of Oirase Stream&Towadako,
    Inquiries about thContinue reading
  • Mt Hakkoda the autumn leaves of Mt Hakkoda and the Oirase Stream

    We have received many inquiries about the view of the autumn leaves of Oirase Stream and Mt Hakkoda.

    Mt Hakkoda is not yet colored, but it Continue reading
  • About traffic from Aomori・Hirosaki front to hotel during winter

    I think that there are many people who are worried about closing at the driving of the winter road.

    Check it online beforehand, even on theContinue reading
  • It is a yukata for children

    We will have more inquiries about the preparation for children,
    Yukata available from 95 sizes.

    You can choose your color with pink and bluContinue reading
  • It's cold but I want to enter ...About outdoor bath in winter

    Yukimi outdoor bath in winter·· · ··Just listening, I feel like it will be somewhat cold.

    But! But, I want to experience it as well as wantContinue reading

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