【Official】Nonohana Yakeyamasou

Go To Travel Campaign Support

If you want to go to the GO TO travel campaign
Please use the coupon at each accommodation reservation site.

For reservations from our Official website and reservations by phone,
Please understand that you are not eligible for the GO TO Travel campaign.

For those who wish, please use the coupon on each accommodation reservation site and make a reservation.

For reservations for the GO TO Travel Campaign

Jalan https://www.jalan.net/yad312853/
Rakuten https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/14851/14851.html
Ikkyu https://www.ikyu.com/caz/00030660/

■Please cooperate with the following efforts due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

·Wearing a mask at the facility
·Disinfection of fingers at check-in,Temperature measurement
 ※Guests over 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter.
·At the dining venue, we are preparing as far as possible from other customers.
·The staff thoroughly wash their hands, gargle and disinfect their hands, and wear a mask.
·In addition to regular cleaning, the facility also regularly disinfects door knobs and handrails.
·We will stop the welcome drink for the time being.

Regional coupon

  • Notification of regional coupons

    From October 1st, the regional common coupon business has started.
    At our hotel, only customers who use GOTO Travel Discount on each accommodation reservation site
    At check-in
    We will issue a "paper coupon".

    Additional food and drink charges for meals and
    As a purchase fee for souvenirs in the lobby
    Available for use.

    I'm very sorry,
    "Electronic coupon"

    We do not handle it
    Please understand.

In-house information

  • Big Hall

    Please enjoy the banquets, conferences, presentations, karaoke, etc. while enjoying the Neputa painting that the Kuroishi Nebuta expert prepared in the large hall. Since there is mobile karaoke, please contact us if you wish.Inquiries · Reservations are accepted by phone.
  • Tea room

    It is a coffee section where you can enjoy ice cream and drinking yoghurt purchased from coffee or nearby pastures.
  • shop

    We have Japanese-style accessories, local crafts (Nanbu Sakiori Textile, Tsugaru Sashiko Stitching, slippers and accessories made from kimono), Products made of Aomori Hiba, sweets, and sake.
To in-facility guide page


  • Access·tourist spot

    ●Courtesy bus●

    For group with more than 10 people, bus transfer is also accepted.
    Please contact us in advance.

Loan item·Services

  • Services

    Apart from meals, futon bedding etc. I am not going to ask the room more than necessary.It is because it is thought that not to hinder your important relaxation.
    If you are missing a guide, when you want to hear the accent of Aomori Dialect, when you are having trouble about sightseeing, please feel free to call us anytime.

Female-friendly inn

  • Welcome to the Nonohana Yakeyamasou

    completely tatami style and Aomori Hiba style onsen lodge
    Welcome to “Nonohana Yakeyamasou”.
    The corridor leading to the lobby and bath, Aomori Hiba and a little fragrance and candles and lamps of the pale light of the incense of natural materials, there are people seasonal flowers.Please enjoy the incense which changes with the change of time, flowers of the season, handmade accessories etc.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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